The autonomous cloud migration and management journey

Are you wondering why migrating to the cloud is so challenging and expensive? Unsure what to do and who to approach for help? Struggling to do it internally? Frustrated with consultancies charging very high fees and maybe not giving you the service quality you expect?

What about managing your cloud infrastructure efficiently afterwards? Wondering if you are overspending and if your data is secure? It’s all so complex to manage. Yet, you know that the cloud is critical for your business – to reduce costs, make you agile and resilient, innovate faster and have a competitive edge.

You are not alone. Cloud migration and management are painful for millions worldwide. This is why we started Smart Migrator – to simplify your transition and help you. We are a UK-based disruptive innovator crafting the next-gen autonomous cloud experience. The world’s first smart platform that takes care of your cloud needs in one place, powered by AI and advanced automation. A platform you fully control that automatically migrates to the cloud (world’s first), continuously optimises and manages your cloud infrastructure, compares and switches between clouds and much more. The intelligent solution that empowers your business.

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Migrate to the cloud

World’s first fully automated cloud migration experience – the simplest, fastest and most affordable solution on the market. Automatically migrate your servers from any location to any major clouds up to 10x cheaper and 10x faster than alternatives and without human error.


Manage your cloud infrastructure

Monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure across all major clouds while we automatically ensure it is optimised, updated and efficient. All from a powerful yet simple dashboard giving you full visibility and transparency of all key stats and insights.


Compare clouds

Compare all major clouds to see which gives you the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and the best deal for your IT infrastructure. Compare against other criteria as well. It’s like the famous ‘Compare the Market’ site we all love using but for cloud.


Switch between clouds

Our platform autonomously monitors updates from all major clouds and checks if you can save money by switching workloads. Smart cloud switching recommendations which you can implement with a few clicks. Or switch entirely to a new cloud if you desire.


How we can help you today

Cloud migration

Need help migrating your servers from on-premise to the cloud or from one cloud to another? We can help you migrate to any cloud no matter the size and complexity of your infrastructure. We are faster, cheaper, simpler and risk-free compared to most and give you a 100% money-back guarantee. We give you world-class migration expertise in an affordable package.

Cloud management

Already in the cloud? We can ensure continuous efficient optimisation and management of your cloud infrastructure, freeing you to focus on your business development. We proactively look for improvements that save you money, improve security and resilience and more. A world-class team looking after your cloud in a professional, yet affordable, SLA-backed subscription service.


About Smart Migrator

We are a team of leading global migration, DevSecOps and software engineering experts united on a mission to make the journey to the cloud and beyond simple, fast, secure and affordable for all companies. We have seen it all while previously working as senior architects and leads at IT leaders like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, Atos and KPMG. During 14+ years our experts have migrated over 300k servers to the leading clouds for big organisations.

We passionately believe that the power of the cloud should be accessible to everyone globally – from startups to large organisations. And everyone deserves a painless and affordable experience on their journey to the cloud and beyond.

Our mission is to craft the ultimate autonomous AI-driven cloud experience. An experience that enables you to automatically migrate to any major public clouds and then autonomously optimise, manage, compare and switch clouds and much more. An experience that is simple, quick, secure and affordable for everyone. An all-in-one smart platform that takes away the complexity and pain, freeing you to focus on your business growth.

We are UK Government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme alumni and partners with all major public clouds.

Our team
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Our founders

Peter Simeonov CEO

Peter is an experienced serial entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about disruptive technology and innovation. He has considerable international expertise in cleantech, real estate and automotive aftermarket. He previously scaled what today is one of the leading automotive consumables distributors in Eastern Europe, in addition to developing a successful UK property portfolio. He is also a non-executive director at two international chambers of commerce.

Peter heads overall strategy, global development and growth and leads our journey to world domination.

Beyond work, he is a scuba diving and sailing fanatic and, together with his family, a passionate explorer of planet Earth (and maybe one day Mars).

Chavdar Jodev CTO

Chavdar is a leading cloud migration expert in Europe with over 14 years of experience, previously at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and DXC Technology. He was HPE’s first migration architect in Europe and led the development of the EMEA team. He architected and delivered some of the biggest and most complex projects for large multinational organisations. In total, he has been involved in migrating over 100k workloads to all major public clouds.

Chavdar heads all technical development on our journey to craft the ultimate autonomous cloud experience.

Beyond work, he really enjoys playing outdoor sports, particularly tennis.

Peter Simeonov

Chavdar Jodev

Our soul

Here is what defines us as a team.


We are passionate about crafting disruptive technology that simplifies and empowers people’s lives. There is enough complexity in this world.


We are rebels who disrupt. The status quo doesn’t control us. We disrupt it. When people say “it can’t be done”, we do it and prove them wrong.


We are unique talented people who are united and unbreakable as a family. A family where everyone supports each other. No lone wolves.

No bullshit

We are direct, open and say it as it is. No hiding, no red tape, no ego, no bullshit. We exceed expectations by serving people with honesty.

Smart Migrator cloud migration values


We embrace talent, both seasoned and young. We nurture and empower our people to grow beyond their potential. We grow talent.


We are productive, work hard and don’t mess about. Our customers want problems solved fast and we are relentless in making it happen.


We are all equal humans. Diversity makes us creative. It’s not about gender, race or sexuality. It’s about positive personality and attitude.


We work hard while having fun. Life is too short to be stressed out. We reward and celebrate success as hard as we work to make it.

What ‘autonomous’ really means

Artificial intelligence
Intelligent integration

You have likely heard about autonomous (or driverless) vehicles. The ability of vehicles to constantly make smart decisions that mimic those of humans. This is being made possible through the power of AI. Autonomous takes automated to the next level. Automated means that certain tasks are performed automatically based on certain criteria set by people. On the other hand, autonomous uses the power of AI to go a step further, learning from the experience of every case and making smart decisions that go beyond the limitations of automation. And it gets smarter over time.

What does this mean for cloud? Traditionally, cloud migration and management have been very complex and expensive. They have been mostly manual and prone to many costly errors. Innovation has been narrowly focused which means you need many tools and advanced specialist skills – very costly and inconvenient.

We are creating an autonomous experience that migrates your servers to the cloud automatically. Afterwards, it does much more than the usual cloud maintenance. It continuously optimises your infrastructure, assessing internally and also against the latest from all major public clouds. Smart AI algorithms constantly check for possible improvements in cost, resilience, security and more. Our platform generates smart recommendations that benefit you, including switching workloads across clouds. And you have complete control. You can micromanage it (approving all changes and recommendations) or not (giving it autonomy) as you want.

This is true smart intelligence that gives you the power and autonomy to make smart decisions. AI intelligence based on facts and industry best practices that, unlike humans, gets it right every time. A platform that constantly gets smarter and pushes efficiency beyond human abilities.

What makes our platform unique

Smart Migrator UI

Security is in our DNA

We are obsessed with security because we know you are too. Our platform is engineered by design to be secure. It has a clever architecture that needs no access to your servers and collects no sensitive data. It is securely hosted on AWS – the leading global cloud that has some of the most secure datacentres on the planet. AWS also offers industry-leading cloud security measures, including advanced encryption and intrusion prevention. Our ‘security-first’ commitment covers everything we do – our platform, service delivery, data management, software development and internal operations. We are Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance certified. We are working towards ISO 27001 which will be followed by 27017, 27018, 27701, 22301, SOC 2 and CSA STAR. This is security governance that many large organisations do not have. That’s our commitment to security.

Cyber Essentials Plus badge
IASME Governance badge

Our progress – what we can do today

We hope that you are excited about our vision. Making it a reality will take years of hard work and very smart people. Let’s talk about what we can do for you today.

Fully automated cloud migration – operational for AWS

We have started with fully automating cloud migration as this is a critical element of our vision. Our current platform (v.1.2) automatically migrates Linux OS servers to AWS as a lift-and-shift approach (exact copy). It works for RedHat, Ubuntu and CentOS distributions (and soon SUSE Linux Enterprise). Afterwards, our team steps in to fully optimise your cloud environment, ensuring cost-effectiveness, resilience and security. We can then offer you our SLA-backed management service to continuously optimise and manage your cloud environment.

Of course, there are many migration scenarios. To cover the limitations of our current platform, our expert team can fill the gaps and complete all other requirements for your case in a semi-automated way. We cover any scenarios – from lift-and-shift of any OS to complex re-platforming and re-factoring to any major public cloud. We combine our platform with the extensive capabilities of our expert cloud migration team. And you still benefit from up to 5x lower cost and 5x quicker migration than most managed consultancies. See the diagram below showing our process.

Semi-automated cloud management

We can offer you a comprehensive SLA-backed cloud management service that gives you top-level expertise in an affordable subscription. We take care of everything, utilising all native automation available in the cloud such as autoscaling based on real-time demand. We are currently creating a dashboard experience that enables you to connect and monitor your cloud infrastructure and make changes in a simple way. We are making the experience simple so you don’t have to learn and navigate the complex AWS interface which does not show everything in one place. Visibility made simple 24/7. You can rely on an experienced partner to continuously look after and improve your cloud, while you focus on accelerating your business growth.

Your journey to the cloud

Smart Migrator cloud migration process flow

We guarantee successful delivery

We are committed to giving you the highest quality service. We deliver our expertise in a friendly and informal but professional manner. We guarantee successful delivery of your cloud migration project or you will get your money back (subject to our terms and conditions).

We appreciate that no software is perfect in the early days (hey, even the big names often make a mess with releases). However, we believe that the service you receive should always be perfect. If a technical issue occurs and can’t be fixed quickly, our expert team will step in at no extra cost. We will ensure that your migration is completed successfully and you are completely happy with it.

Money back guarantee

Why move to the cloud?

Cloud computing is essential to unlock a world of benefits and possibilities that will empower and future-proof your business. It is a key part of digital transformation which is critical for all businesses.


On-premise infrastructure is inflexible and very expensive to maintain. It requires major capital investment to obtain resources designed for maximum peak demand. Practically, most of the time you are using only a fraction of your capacity but are paying for everything. In the cloud, you pay on-demand only for the resources you use. You can quickly and automatically scale up or down to match actual demand. You also benefit from massive economies of scale. The cloud eliminates the guesswork about your needs, gives you efficiency and (when optimised) a cost-saving of 30-50% or more.

Rapid innovation

On-premise infrastructure is slow to change and limits innovation. R&D and product development often require investment in additional resources that can take months to deploy. And when no longer needed, you can’t dispose of them. On the other hand, the cloud gives you flexibility, speed and choice. You can provision any kind of resources globally in minutes and remove them when no longer needed. No upfront financial strain and no long-term commitment. You can also quickly expand worldwide. The cloud enables you to innovate efficiently and release new products faster and on a global scale.

Employee productivity

Maintaining on-premise servers requires a lot of time, money and manual labour. There are many daily tasks like heavy lifting, racking, stacking and powering servers, patching databases, modifying configurations, ensuring security and compliance and more. This is very ineffective, cumbersome and expensive. In the cloud, most tasks are either handled by the cloud provider or can be automated, thus requiring minimal effort. This enables your people to focus on growing your business and strategic work like designing better applications and customer experiences.

Operational resilience

IT availability is critical. Unplanned outages due to hardware or software failure, security breaches or human error, can be extremely costly. Resilient operations, ensuring well-architected redundancy of resources and a high level of security, are very expensive to set up and maintain on-premise. This is why many don’t have them and are exposed to high risk. The cloud enables this quickly and cost-effectively. You can rapidly set up automated replication across multiple data centres ensuring near 100% availability and disaster recovery. The cloud also offers you some of the most advanced security measures available.

We are working hard for you

Smart Migrator coming soon watch element

We are scaling the capabilities of our platform as fast as we can. In the meantime, our expert team can fill any gaps to deliver your transformation. Talk to us to see how we can help you embrace the cloud revolution now.


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