The fully automated cloud journey

Struggling to migrate to the cloud? Frustrated why it is so challenging, time-consuming and expensive? Worried about how you can manage your cloud effectively afterward to avoid overspending and ensure it’s secure? It’s all so complex, yet you know the cloud is critical for the future of your business.

You are not alone. Cloud migration and cloud management are painful for thousands of businesses worldwide. This is why a team of seasoned cloud migration and DevSecOps professionals united to revolutionize the legacy manual approach and help you.

We are crafting the next-gen intelligent cloud experience – the world’s first intelligent AI-powered platform that can fully automatically: migrate your server infrastructure to the cloud, continuously optimize and manage it in the cloud, compare and switch between clouds and more. All your key cloud needs in one smart & powerful tool that is simple to use and frees you to focus on your business growth.

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Migrate to the cloud

Migrate your servers fully automatically from anywhere to the cloud up to 10x faster, up to 5x cheaper and without human error. Simple, fast & affordable. Works for AWS now and Azure & GCP coming soon.


Manage your cloud

Automatically manage your cloud across AWS, Azure and GCP while our advanced AI continuously optimizes it for maximum efficiency, security and sustainability. Full visibility via a simple-to-use yet powerful dashboard.


Compare clouds

Compare AWS, Azure & GCP to see which gives you the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and the greenest cloud with the lowest carbon emissions to help your net zero targets


Switch between clouds

Switch automatically between AWS, Azure & GCP. Whether migrating certain workloads or your entire infrastructure, we make it easy, fast and cost-effective.


How we can help you

Cloud migration

Need help migrating your servers from on-premise to the cloud or from one cloud to another? We can help you migrate to any cloud no matter the size and complexity of your infrastructure. We are faster, cheaper, simpler and risk-free compared to most and give you a 100% money-back guarantee. We give you world-class migration expertise in a cost-effective agile package.

Cloud management

Already in the cloud? We can ensure continuous efficient optimization and management of your cloud infrastructure, freeing you to focus on your business development. We proactively look for improvements that save you money, improve security and resilience and more. A world-class team looking after your cloud in a professional and cost-effective SLA-backed subscription service.

What makes our platform unique

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About Smart Migrator

We are a team of very experienced cloud migration and DevSecOps professionals united on a mission to make the cloud journey and its management simple, fast, efficient, secure and cost-effective for all companies worldwide.

We have lived through the challenges while previously working as migration leads and senior architects at leading consultancies like HPE, DXC Technology, KPMG, Atos and T-Systems, amongst others. Over 14+ years, we have migrated 300,000+ workloads for large organizations.

Smart Migrator expert team

Why cloud?

Unsure what cloud can do for your business? Find out more about the benefits of cloud and how it can transform your IT operations, optimize your costs, boost your innovation and minimize your carbon footprint.

Our progress

Excited about our mission? We are too but it will take time to realize it. Our platform is now operational for AWS. Our expert team can also help you with any other clouds irrespective of the size and complexity of your needs.

We guarantee successful delivery

We are committed to giving you the highest quality service. Our approach is friendly and informal yet professional. We guarantee successful delivery of your cloud migration project or you will get your money back (subject to our terms and conditions).

We appreciate that no software product is perfect in the early days (hey, even the big players often make a mess with releases). However, we believe that the service you receive should always be perfect. If a technical issue occurs and can’t be fixed quickly, our expert team will step in at no extra cost. We will ensure that your migration is completed successfully and to your satisfaction.

Money back guarantee

We are working hard for you

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We are scaling the capabilities of our platform as fast as we can. In the meantime, our expert team can fill any gaps to deliver your transformation. Talk to us to see how we can help you embrace the cloud revolution now.

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