We are excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for FinTech Innovation Lab London 2022 Interview Week.

This highly competitive 12-week program, run by Accenture, helps innovative startups build connections and test and refine their products and value proposition with 45+ of the world’s leading financial services organizations, participating as partners.

Our CEO and founder, Peter Simeonov, said:

“This is a fantaastic opportunity for us. FinTech Innovation Lab is the leading global fintech acceleration program connecting startups and the financial services industry. We know the big challenges financial services organizations face on their cloud journey due to their highly complex infrastructure environments and needs. Some of my colleagues have been involved in complex transformations for large banks in the past. That’s why we are determined to simplify and acccelerate the process through advanced automation and AI. If we are selected for the program, it would be an opportunity to collaborate and scale our platform to make a real difference to the entire industry.”

We are honored to have been selected by Accenture and look forward to Interview Week. Let’s hope we make it into this year’s program cohort.

Fintech Innovation Lab London 2022