Key cloud benefits

Cloud computing opens a world of benefits and possibilities that will empower and future-proof your business. Maximize operational efficiency, accelerate innovation, and much more.


On-premise infrastructure is inflexible and very expensive to maintain. It requires major capital investment to obtain resources designed for maximum peak demand. Practically, most of the time you are using only a fraction of your capacity but are paying for everything. In the cloud, you pay on-demand only for the resources you use. You can quickly and automatically scale up or down to match actual demand. You also benefit from massive economies of scale. The cloud eliminates the guesswork about your needs, gives you efficiency and (when optimized) a cost-saving of 30-50% or more.

Rapid innovation

On-premise infrastructure is slow to change and limits innovation. R&D and product development often require investment in additional resources that can take months to deploy. And when no longer needed, you can’t dispose of them. On the other hand, the cloud gives you flexibility, speed and choice. You can provision any kind of resources globally in minutes and remove them when no longer needed. No upfront financial strain and no long-term commitment. You can also quickly expand worldwide. The cloud enables you to innovate efficiently and release new products faster and on a global scale.

Employee productivity

Maintaining on-premise servers requires a lot of time, money and manual labor. There are many daily tasks like heavy lifting, racking, stacking and powering servers, patching databases, modifying configurations, ensuring security and compliance and more. This is very ineffective, cumbersome and expensive. In the cloud, most tasks are either handled by the cloud provider or can be automated, thus requiring minimal effort. This enables your people to focus on growing your business and strategic work like designing better applications and customer experiences.

Operational resilience

IT availability is critical. Unplanned outages due to hardware or software failure, security breaches or human error, can be extremely costly. Resilient operations, ensuring well-architected redundancy of resources and a high level of security, are very expensive to set up and maintain on-premise. This is why many don’t have them and are exposed to high risk. The cloud enables this quickly and cost-effectively. You can rapidly set up automated replication across multiple data centers ensuring near 100% availability and disaster recovery. The cloud also offers you some of the most advanced security measures available.


By moving from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, you can reduce your IT carbon footprint by up to 90%. On-premise data centers are much more inefficient compared to the big public clouds, both in resource utilization and power efficiency. They are also largely powered by fossil-based energy sources. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, on the other hand, have very strong net zero commitments. GCP & Azure are already carbon neutral. The cloud boosts your IT operations and also accelerates your journey to net zero, boosting your green business credentials.

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